The Umbrella License® for Senior Living and Health Care Communities

Show Movies with the Assurance of Copyright Compliance

Movies are a popular amenity in senior living and health care communities across the country. In accordance with federal copyright law, a public performance license is required when movies are shown in common areas such as a theater, lounge, or living room. A license is also required when movies are programmed on a closed circuit television system, for example, via a dedicated in-house channel. As you may be aware, all of the following activities require a motion picture public performance license:

  • Residents watching movies in the comfort of their room by accessing a custom in-house closed circuit channel.
  • Sunday matinees in the theater featuring silver screen classics.
  • Residents playing movies for other residents in communal areas like a lounge.
  • Outdoor family friendly movies open to loved ones of all ages.
  • Activity Directors programming movies in the dining room.
  • Holiday parties featuring festive films that are held in an activity room.

The Umbrella License makes motion picture copyright compliance easy because it is facility-based; it provides communities with copyright protection no matter who presses “play.”