The Umbrella License® for Senior Living
and Health Care Communities

Movies are a popular amenity in senior living and health care communities across the country. In accordance with federal copyright law, a public performance license is required when movies are shown in common areas such as a theater, lounge, or living room. A license is also required when movies are programmed on a closed circuit television system, for example, via a dedicated in-house channel.

Copyrighted motion pictures and other audiovisual programs that are available for rental or purchase in any legal format, such as DVDs and other digital formats, whether streamed or downloaded, are intended for personal, private use only.

To ensure compliance, MPLC grants the Umbrella License, which provides copyright infringement liability protection to over 500,000 locations worldwide and represents over 1,000 motion picture studios and other producers.

Just complete the online application or contact an MPLC Licensing Representative to secure an affordable annual license for unlimited exhibitions.

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Why you need a license

Our Partners

MPLC has partnered with all leading senior living and health care industry associations to better educate members on the need for copyright compliance when motion pictures and other audiovisual programs are shown in senior living and health care communities and provide cost savings on the Umbrella License.